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Having a competitive, supportive, and flexible surety program in today's marketplace is critical to your success. Due to the nature of the construction business, both private and public owners have come to rely on surety bonds as part of the construction contract. As such, establishing a long-term business relationship built on trust and mutual respect with your bonding agent and surety company is of paramount importance. The Brehmer Agency has unsurpassed industry knowledge, trust from surety partners, and a wealth of expertise to provide the service, capability, and competitive rates vital to your success.

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Types of Bonds

Bid Bond
A bid bond is submitted at the time of a project bid. This type of bond guarantees:

  1. The contractor has financial assurance from the surety company
  2. Their bid has been submitted in good faith
  3. The contractor will enter into a construction contract at the bid price

If the contractor fails to comply with any of the above, they will forfeit the bid bond penalty amount. Bid bonds are short-term bonds that are invalidated when construction contracts are executed and performance/payment bonds are issued.

Performance Bond
A performance bond is a guarantee by the surety company stating the contractor will perform the work in accordance with the contract terms and conditions. If the contractor fails in the performance of the contracted work, the surety company may be obligated to complete the project in accordance with contract specifications.

Payment Bond
A payment bond is a guarantee by the surety company that the contractor will pay all employees, suppliers, and subcontractors providing labor and/or materials associated with a bonded project. If the contractor fails to fulfill payment obligations, the surety company may be required to make the appropriate payments necessary to ensure the project will have a clear title and no mechanics liens.

License and Permit Surety Bonds
License and permit surety bonds are designed to protect consumers by ensuring businesses perform jobs according to the rules and regulations set forth by local, state, and federal governments.

There are a wide variety of surety bonds to guarantee license and permits such as electrical license, plumbing license, concrete contractor license, road opening permits, road use, and hauling permits.

Commercial Bonds
Commercial bonds include a wide range of surety bonds including but not limited to completion bonds, subdivision bonds, release-of-lien bonds, tax obligation bonds, and more.

Why Choose Brehmer

The Brehmer Agency:

  • Is well respected and has a reputation for integrity in the surety bond industry
  • Demonstrates a personal interest in the success of customers
  • Has a track record of building solid relationships with surety underwriters
  • Understands the surety and construction industry
  • Has knowledge of banking, finance, and construction accounting procedures
  • Has knowledge of construction contracts, subcontracts, and related contract law
  • Is aware of local, regional, and national market trends that impact surety
  • Is experienced in strategic planning and management practices that promote the success of a customer
  • Is actively involved in and supports local and national trade and surety associations
  • Can provide advice to enhance your bonding capacity

Information Needed For Bonding Marketing Submission

The list provided is an outline of the basic information needed to properly market a bonding program.

  1. Completed Contractor Questionnaire 
  2. Year-end financial reports from the last three years and a current interim report if available
  3. Personal Financial Statement for all owners
  4. Bank letter outlining the Line of Credit (LOC), past experience, and reference from the bank
  5. Schedule of Work in Progress (WIP)
  6. Surety credit desired per job and aggregate
  7. Current bond rates
  8. Insurance certificate
  9. Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
  10. Completed Request for Bond form - available in Online or PDF format
  11. Any additional information requested from surety company

Surety Bond Facts & Resources

Provided are several useful resources from NASBP about Surety Bonding.

Surety Bond Markets

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