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As a business owner, purchasing the appropriate commercial insurance policy is critical to protecting your company's assets and ensuring its continuing viability. Property and casualty insurance protects your business from financial loss resulting from unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, theft, fire and any number of other perils.

The Brehmer Agency will work closely with you to understand the nature of your business, diagnose risk exposures, and provide approaches to transfer, reduce or eliminate the risks facing your organization.

There is no standard insurance program that sufficiently protects all businesses equally. The Brehmer Agency will analyze the insurance obligations of your company and design an insurance program that ensures appropriate coverage for your company's specific needs.

Information Needed for Quote


  1. Loss runs for the past 3 years plus current year for all lines of insurance.
    (Get these from your current agent or by contacting your insurance carrier directly.)
  2. Declaration pages for your current policies.
  3. Current Worker's Compensation Experience Mod worksheet.
    (This is sent to you by the Wisconsin DWD.)
  4. Current Contractor's Credit Worksheet. (If applicable.)
  5. Estimated payroll for next policy term by Workers' Compensation code.
  6. Vehicle list including year, make model, VIN number, cost new and where garaged.
  7. Driver list including name, date of birth and driver's license number.
  8. Equipment list including year, make, model and current value.
  9. Building (property) Information: type of construction, year built, square footage, alarm system?, sprinkler system?
  10. Federal ID number

Once you have obtained all of the information listed above, please call the Brehmer Agency's Insurance Services at 262-781-3714 to schedule an appointment with an experienced insurance professional to determine the coverage you need.

Insurance Certificate Request

If you are currently a client of The Brehmer Agency and need an insurance certificate, please download, complete and fax the following form to 262-781-6049.

The Request for Certificate of Insurance is also available as a fill-in web form. If you would prefer to submit form electronically, please go to the FORMS page and click on the link in the sidebar.

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