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In today's competitive marketplace, having a supportive and flexible surety program is critical to your success. Due to the nature of the construction business, both private and public owners have come to rely on surety bonds as part of their agreements. Whether you are looking to establish a surety program or maximize your existing program, the Brehmer Agency has the experience, professional reputation and expertise to offer you the service, capacity and competitive rates that you need. Their goal is to establish an effective, long-term, successful relationship between you and your surety company so you have the bonding you need when you need it.



Types of Bonds

Brehmer Agency specializes in several types of construction industry-specific bond programs including bid, performance and payment bonds:

BID BOND - A bid bond is a bond submitted at the time of a bid. This type of bond generally states that the contractor has financial assurance from the bonding company, that his bid has been submitted in good faith, and that the contractor will enter into the contract at the bid price.

PERFORMANCE BOND - A performance bond is a guarantee by the bonding company that the contractor will perform the work covered in the contract in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract.

PAYMENT BOND - A payment bond is a guarantee by the bonding company that the contractor will pay all suppliers and subcontractors providing labor and/or materials for use in the performance of the contract.

LICENSE & PERMIT BONDS - A license and permit surety bond is an important part of the entire free market system. These bonds are designed to protect consumers by ensuring that businesses perform their jobs according to the rules and regulations set forth by local, state and federal governments.

The Brehmer Agency can also help you with a wide range of surety bonds to guarantee license and permits such as electrical license, plumbing license, road opening permits, and hauling permits.

Why Choose Brehmer for Your Bonds

The Brehmer Agency:

  • Is well respected and has a reputation for integrity in the construction industry.
  • Demonstrates a personal interest in our contractor's success.
  • Has a track record of building solid relationships with surety underwriters.
  • Understands the construction industry.
  • Has knowledge of banking, finance and construction accounting procedures.
  • Has knowledge of construction contracts, subcontracts, and related contract law.
  • Is aware of local, regional, and national construction market trends.
  • Is experienced in strategic planning and management practices that promote successful contracting.
  • Is actively involved in and supports local and national construction and surety associations.
  • Can provide advice to enhance your bonding capacity.

Information Needed for Surety Bonding

  1. Completed contractor questionnaire. [word doc]
  2. Year end financial reports for last 3 years and a current interim report if available.
  3. Personal balance sheet of all owners. [pdf]
  4. Letter from bank outlining the line of credit, past experience and reference from the bank.
  5. Schedule of work in progress.
  6. Surety credit desired per job and aggregate.
  7. Current bond rates.
  8. Insurance certificate.
  9. Federal Employer ID number.
  10. Any additional information requested from surety company.

Thank you for your interest in the Brehmer Agency's surety bonding services. Please use this list as an outline of the basic information needed to properly market your bonding program. Although your surety credit potential can be evaluated without all of the information, please provide as much of this information as possible.


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